Save Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked!


Hacking a Facebook account might be the one of the most popular scams these days. And these scams are mostly made possible by the users themselves as they treat their account and credentials callously.

As a very simple example… showing your email address in your facebook account can give access to a hacker to hack into your account simply using your email address. This thing can be prevented very easily:
Just follow these steps:-

1. Hide your Email Address from everyone by going to Edit Profile>Contact and Basic Info>Clicking on the gear icon beside your email address> checking ‘Only Me’ if you have not done so already.
2. Change your primary email address to a one that is only known to you by going to Settings>Email> and changing your primary email to the new one (known only to you) and removing your previous email address.
3. For additional security, when in Account Settings, enable Login alerts to receive notifications and emails when a new computer or mobile device logs into your account.
4. Also, enable Login Approvals to receive a code on your mobile phone to login whenever your Facebook account is accessed from an unknown device. Login Approvals will need you to have added a mobile number to your Facebook account.
5. Moreover, enable two factor authentication to access your email addresses on your email provider’s website as well to make sure that no hacker can exploit them to hack into your Facebook account.

If you are thinking that keeping your email address save is going to keep your facebook account a hundred per cent safe…then you are absolutely wrong! Because as most things in nature, this is not the only way to hack into your account. Keylogging is one of the easiest ways to hack a password of the facebook account. Key logger is a small software or program which installed in a victim computer and this program record everything which victim type in his computer.
So the question arises here that if passwords can be broken too, then how is it possible to stop this from happening???

    We can help you with a few pointers:

     Install a good antivirus in your computer.
     Never open your facebook account on another computer.
     Always download free software from trusted websites
     Never download or get a software from untrusted sources.
     Always scan a pen drive for virus

    Yet this might not discourage the hackers from peeping into your account because the most prominent method of hacking into any account is known as “Phishing”! All a hacker does is setup a webpage similar in design to that of the Facebook homepage, attach a server sided script to track the username and password entered and store it in a log. Sending people emails stating that someone tagged a photo of them on Facebook in the same format as Facebook and giving a link below to the phishing website further reduces the chances of it being detected as a fake. Sometimes, spam Facebook apps, like those promising to tell who viewed your Facebook profile, automatically post links to phishing websites. A new trend amongst phishers is creating Facebook look-a-like widgets for stealing user’s login credentials.

    How to prevent yourself from being phished?
    At all costs, avoid clicking on suspicious links. Moreover, always check the URL in the address bar before signing in. Avoid logging in through various “Facebook widgets” offer!
    Many users never logout facebook id from the computer. Anyone can access your facebook account when you leave your computer. This is the last advice always logout our facebook account when you leave your computer alone. For now these tips can keep you guarded and out of the harm’s way.

    If anyone wishes to add anything or provide more tips and advices then kindly feel free to give in your comments! Safe Facebooking!